INtouch Career College

4400 4th Ave #700F, Regina, SK S4T 0H8
Tel: +1-306-781-0360

Directions to INtouch

We are located at the Orr Centre, which is on the corner of 4th and Lewvan. However, the parking lot is on the north side of the building. To get to the parking lot, go to Connaught (the first street after Lewvan) and turn on Connaught and 3rd to enter the parking lot.

Proceed across the parking lot to the far side, close to the chain link fence to park. Enter the building at the doors immediately past the gymnasium, and we are located in the first office to the left once you enter the building. The name, INtouch Career College is on our door.

Click here to see the attached diagram to help you find your way.

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